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I worked with Daniela on a short film recently (The Bad Boy). She was outstanding; utterly professional, incredibly focused, and a pleasure to have on set. She did a fantastic job with makeup and styling for the principle cast, and added some brilliant finishing touches to the SFX makeup and props.

Alasdair Mcwilliams

Daniela worked wonders making up and styling not one, but THREE brides for a recent shoot! Super talented, and a lovely lady too!

Dan Ransley-Photographer

Daniela was first to arrive for an all-day session yesterday – and just as well with the truly impressive amount of kit she brought along! It seems we must have made use of quite a bit of it as she produced four quite different looks for our two models. Her skills were perfect for what we needed, being able to take the briefs given and create both hair and makeup that fitted beautifully. The day needed elegant evening hair, period asymmetric bob and bold, strong wild looking hair, she worked with hats, wigs and extensions. The make-up needed subtlety in places through to full warrior princess. Daniela mastered them all efficiently and tirelessly enabling us to get some great images.

I would be delighted to work with her again and look forward to doing so soon.

PeterMForbes Photographer

Daniela is wonderful! We worked together on a bridal shoot recently. Daniela stepped in with very short notice, and absolutely rocked it, creating a beautiful bouffant hairstyle that was absolutely perfect. A lovely, friendly and warm person, and eager to help in all areas of the shoot- dressing the model on a wet and windy day would've been a nightmare without her assistance. I would definitely recommend Daniela, and hope to work with her again.

Lyndsey Clark

We were SO lucky to have Daniela with us during the shoot. She joined the team last minute but really made a difference as the hair looked absolutely great. I showed her some photos by email and she was able to realize a difficult style straight away (victorian inspired). She was punctual, focused, professional and a real pleasure to work with. She was also helping all the time with everything, from holding the reflector to throw a coat on the model in between shots when it was too cold. Thank you, Daniela! 

I really hope we can work together again soon, you were an absolute delight to work with. 

Berni Palumbo Photography

I worked with Daniela yesterday at a Hollywood Glamour Shoot where she prepped three separate models for a 1930s style. Daniela totally nailed it - three very different models in three different looks, all authentic to the period. Also, her on the fly touch ups and hair tidying made a massive difference that has saved us hours in post processing


I thus highly very highly recommend her to you

Campbell Digital

Daniela was at the Lewis Lloyd vintage shoot which I also attended. she was the hair and make-up artist for the 3 models that were participating in the shoot and it was done to a very high standard, very professional, perfect for the style that was required. she was very friendly and I highly recommend Daniela

Steady Shots Photography

Had a vintage group shoot at Panavision studios and Daniela did the hair and make-up for 3 models which was absolutely stunning and really helped capture some outstanding images for all involved. Highly recommended

Don James Photography

It was a pleasure working with Daniela! Very gentle with her application of makeup and yet efficient. Not only this, she was also easy to talk to and was very approachable. She kept the conversation flowing very well and has talented make up skills too In addition to this, she was also super helpful during the shoot and assisted with whatever needs the photographer and I needed help with.

I highly recommend her and would love to work with Daniela again

Yani Nazareno-Model

Avenir Light 

I had the pleasure of working with Daniela on a shoot last week. She was a pleasure to work with, arrived spot on time, fully equipped and prepared with illustrations, and did a really great job with both the model's make-up and hair / wigs. Daniela was highly personable, really helpful, patient and professional. I'd love to work with her again. Thoroughly recommended. 

Eric Schneider Photography

Daniela kindly agreed to be the make-up artist for our short film, The Bad Boy. We were truly privileged to work with such a skilled and professional MUA. The can-do attitude and quality of her work meant that we were all blown away by her work and her ability, not only with the actors but with SFX on some of the props too. I would love to work with Daniela again as any MUA we work with from now on has to live up to a huge expectation that was set by this amazing professional. Hire her now! She's awesome!

Andrew Cant

I had my first shoot today at Scarlet Door Studio where I met the wonderful Daniela who was there to do my hair & make up. WOW this girl knows her onions!!!

Loved my hair, loved my make up!! Highly recommended. If you ever need a Hair Stylist or MUA then you should look no further then this wonderful lady!

Thank you so much


Worked on a shoot yesterday 16th Feb with Daniela, she was fantastic. Not only did she do an amazing job with my hair she helped with everything else. Lovely lady would definitely recommend


This was the first time that I worked with Daniela and I hope it won't be the last! She was a great addition to the team that we had in place. Leading up to the shoot Daniela's communications were on point. Daniela understood the brief from the Photographer and produced wonderful hairstyles for every shot! Not just a hairstylist- she also helped me iron the clothes! Thank you Daniela! Definitely recommend 10/10!!

Stephanie Branch MUA

I had the fantastic opportunity to work with Daniela yesterday. She was very professional with the way she worked and she has a great personality which immediately puts you at ease. I would highly recommend Daniela as a make up artist and hair stylist as she always knew exactly what look would suit you best. I hope to work with her again in the future!

Hannah Philipson-Model

Wow! Daniela is such a talented lady. Her hair and makeup skills are amazing.

We had a wedding and Venetian mask shoot at Fairview in Marlow and Daniela worked tirelessly throughout the day on 3 gorgeous models (Hannah, Karolina and Danielle)

The hair and makeup was sublime and the shoot was one of the best days I have had in a long time. Just don't hesitate one little bit in using Daniela as your MUA. It will be totally worth it guaranteed.


Christian Lewis-Photographer

I had the real pleasure of meeting & working with Daniela this weekend, she did my hair and make-up, (to the highest standard) for a wedding shoot.

As soon as I walked through the door, she was welcoming, very friendly and put me right at ease.

Daniela was nothing less than professional & I really enjoyed working with her! I would highly recommend her to anyone, and very much look forward to working with her again in the near future!

Danielle Elisha-Model

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